The long pillow with its grainy organic-spelt-filling nestles gently against the body. Besides it being a wonderful object for the kids room, it is a perfect extension of CUCÚ - the bed:

You can put it into the bed to make it cuddly and comfortable. You can drape it in front of the bed to make it easier for your child to get in and out. You can also use it as a nursing pillow or sit on it to play or read to your child.

The pillow case is made from a finely woven wool-textile, which was designed specifically for CUCÚ. It is the same as used for the bed.

The inner pillow is made of organic cotton and filled with bio-spelt.

You can choose between four different textiles. Each one consists of a multi-colour-combination, which gives the surfaces a shimmering and fascinating glance:

MILKYWAY - Dark blue with yellow and magenta dots like a night sky full of stars.
MEADOW - Turquoise and green with colourful spots like a blooming meadow.
SUNRISE - Red and rosé with yellow dots like a shimmering sunrise.
SUNSET - Red with dark blue dots like nightfall after a sunny day.

The textiles consist of 96% wool and 4% PA. They have been tested for best quality and conform to the Eco-Norm RAL UZ 117 Anlage 2+3.

Please have a look at our care instructions, as the pillow is made from wool and should not be washed in a washing machine.

100cm W, 30cm D, 10cm H

€ 160 incl. 19% VAT & shipping

Shipping within Germany, 5-6 days and within Europe, 1-2 weeks