It is as versatile as the needs of its tiny inhabitants in their early childhood. The smooth wooden body resembles a secure space, which can easily be transformed physically and in phantasy.

The bed is free of bars, instead designed textile inserts on both sides can be opened in three levels: closed, half-open and fully opened. This allows you to adapt the bed to the situation and the age of your child. The most important is that both, child and parents, feel comfortable.


The body of the bed consists of birch and maple wood, which we process in Berlin with care and mostly by hand. Its surface is covered with a coat of natural hard-wax. Putting together the bed is simple and no screws are involved. Eight wooden wedges hold together everything. This way the bed is free of metal.

The soft sides of the bed and the pillow cover are made from a finely woven wool textile, which was designed specifically for CUCÚ. You can choose between four different textiles. Each one consists of a multi-colour-combination, which gives the surfaces a shimmering and fascinating glance.

MILKYWAY - Dark blue with yellow and magenta dots like a night sky full of stars.
MEADOW - Turquoise and green with colourful spots like a blooming meadow.
SUNRISE - Red and rosé with yellow dots like a shimmering sunrise.
SUNSET - Red with dark blue dots like nightfall after a sunny day.

The textiles consist of 96% wool and 4% PA. They have been tested for best quality and conform to the Eco-Norm RAL UZ 117 Anlage 2+3.

We recommend not to close the bed completely, before your infant starts moving around herself. In our experience it was, also in the years after never necessary to close the bed during the night. The half-open position of the textile keeps the child from rolling out, yet allows her to climb out safely (perhaps with a pillow in front of the bed) in the morning and start the day exploring independentliy.

Furthermore, we supply two “swing-stoppers”, which can be attached to the bottom of the bed. This keeps it from rocking. We recommend to apply the “swing-stoppers” whenever more than one child is playing on the bed. This way injuries can be prevented.

The bed fits a standard mattress of 140x70cm. It should not be thinner than 6cm. We find that the Berlin-made natural mattress “KOKO 2” by Futomania fits well. It has a thickness of 8 cm.

And please read our care instructions below.

The Bed: 160cm W, 76cm D, 77cm H

The bed fits a standard mattress of 140x70cm (>6cm H)

€ 1100 incl. 19% VAT & shipping  

Shipping within Germany, 3-4 weeks and within Europe, 4-6 weeks