Materials + Design

In the centre of our design processes we care to create products that meet the changing needs of children, both pragmatically and emotionally. We combine textiles and wood, form and colours, experience and experiments - to shape a cosy and inspiring world that lets children move freely and explore their senses and their fantasy from the very first day on.

Our choices of materials correspond to our philosophy of working in coherence with our environment and thinking locally. As designers we attempt to follow our practice with a respectful production in mind, grounded in an embodiment of a natural relationship between the object and subject.

For us, the functional requirement of a new product is necessary, however, not a sufficient condition for having a meaningful identity. We believe that design is an act of creating that has to encompass both pragmatic and emotional considerations.

Wood and Textiles

The wooden parts of the bed consist of birch and maple wood. They are cut, sanded and waxed in Berlin. Our careful finishing by hand allows us to guarantee a surface and edges free of splinters and sharp corners.

The high quality textiles for the bed and the pillow case were designed in collaboration with - and are produced by ROHI-Stoffe. They are woven in Germany, consist almost entirely of wool and conform to high eco standards.

CUCÚ products are designed to live longer than one childhood and be passed on to siblings, cousins or friends. We believe that materials should go through a timeless natural transformation. We like to think that our pieces can become more beautiful and develop signs of distinctive character with the time and use. However, single parts of our pieces can be repurchased to make an old product new again.