Although humans have created plenty of rectangles and squares, the natural world in which we live is not symmetric or square but rather organic and of individual character. Our Astros are small wooden sculptures, pieces of which there are never two equals.

Carefully chosen parts of ash and walnut wood are cut three dimensionally, shaped and sanded by hand into unique forms and finished with bees wax. Edges, flat surfaces, curves and unevenness are combined with the natural veins in the material. This invites children and adults to explore the shapes with all their senses.

The pieces are made from hand chosen ash and walnut wood. We try to find pieces with special grain character and interesting shades. After cutting each piece into a rough shape, they are carefully sanded all the way to super fine sandpaper, providing an extremely smooth surface, which is then treated with natural bees wax.  

Each piece is unique. The dimensions vary slightly, but are more or less that of a ripe and delicious avocado.

€ 38 set of five / incl. 19% VAT / shipping: 5 Euro

Shipping within Germany, 5-6 days and within Europe, 1-2 weeks