About CUCÚ

CUCÚ is a Berlin-based design studio and label for children.

We make use of high quality natural materials and thoughtful design processes to create a friendly world to dream, play, experience and grow.

CUCÚ arose from our certainty and experience, that children do not need bars in their way of exploring the world with curiosity. We believe that creative approaches and human companionship are a vital key in shaping the first years of life in a fair and safe way and that the objects we interact with can contribute to this. Our bed and other products are a friend and accompanist in this time. It offers shelter and comfort, yet, at the same time the freedom to collect first experiences in a self determined way.

Who is behind CUCÚ?

We are a design-duo (Ixmucané and Jacob), graduated from Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin. We are living and working as artists and designers in Berlin.

In our design studio with textile and wood workshops we design and produce with dedication prototypes and custom made furniture. We put great emphasis on selected materials, fine fabrication, as well as a consciousness for the sustainability of our products.

We strive to extend our creative practice, appreciating children as part of a world to care about.